31 January 2006

Alpaca Artwork

First, I should apologize if I'm a bit scatter brained in this entry. I have a ton of things to do today, so I'm eating breakfast, writing this, and checking the weather for hubby. (I'm on a slow dial-up connection and weather.com takes forever to load maps, so I can write this between maps!)

Yesterday was a pretty good day. The truck didn't break down. I got a lot of artwork done. And my newly planted rose is beginning to show signs of life. So, life may be back on a more positive note.

In terms of artwork, I'm in full alpaca mode! Hahaha. I have an arrangement with an alpaca farm (Absolute Alpacas) to supply them with original alpaca artwork. They buy the artwork from me and take it to various alpaca shows to sell. For me this is great. I can concentrate on doing artwork, I'm free to do whatever I want, and I don't have to worry about marketing it or dragging my tent to some art show, plus I get paid upfront. But more than all that, it's like a huge vote of confidence in my artwork. See, I know my artwork is good. Others have told me it's terrific. Then I go to a show, I usually only sell 1 or 2 pieces. It really can shake my confidence to sit there with people walking by and no one buying or even looking at my artwork. These people, however, love my alpaca artwork and they put their money where their mouths are. (And it's a lot easier to pay the mortgage with a check than with compliments!) So when they call and ask for more artwork, they get priority.

For their upcoming alpaca show, they want some pencil drawings (3-4), pastels (3-4), and pastel sketches(15-20). Eventually, I would like to do some oil pastels and oil paintings for them, but I won't get them done by 18 Feb. Also in the work are some wood relief carvings, ceramic sculptures, and original prints. I have ideas for all these, but again, it's time that I'm short of. (Where's my apprentices and the maid?!) Anyway, here's a pencil drawing of a suri alpaca (alpacas come in 2 varieties -- huacaya and suri) which I just finished and I must say it's one of my best alpaca drawings ever:

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