26 January 2006

Cutting Down the Pile

Like I've said before, I have way too much to do in a fairly short amount of time. There's things I need to do and things I would like to do. Unfortunately, I can't do everything. So, I'm cutting a couple of things.

Cut 1: Circle of Art Show, Borrego Springs, CA. The application is due soon and since it's a small show, I'm fairly sure I could easily get in again. I've done it several time and sold okay. This year it's on 25-26 March. I had wanted to do it, but unless I take exactly the same stuff I took last time (minus what I've sold in the meantime), I won't have enough to fill a booth. Since the alpaca art is due 18 Feb and then again in March or April, I won't have enough time to do 10-12 larger pieces for this show. If I don't have stuff to sell, it really doesn't make sense to go.

Cut 2: Sudoku during the day. I like doing sudoku puzzles and could sit around for hours a day doing them. Yesterday, I watched to see how much time I spend doing them. And I was appalled! For example, I checked my email at noon and then went off and did 4 or 5 sudokus. If I average 10 minutes each, that's almost an hour gone. I should have been replying to emails, listing things on auctions, doing an art card,.... So, no sudoku during the day while I'm suppose to be working.

I'm not sure these 2 things will make a great deal of difference, but they won't hurt.

Well, I should finish up my coffee, feed the cats, and then get to work. I have the horse/rider almost done, with just a few details here and there to put in, so I'd like to finish it today. Hopefully I'll also get those alpaca ink drawings done too. That would be the end of the priority list and on to the next priority list.

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