12 January 2006

Dealing with Hubby's D-O-G

I'm back. It seems that despite my best intentions, I keep getting distracted. This time it was my husband. My husband drives a big truck and is gone for 3-6 weeks at a time and then home for 2-5 days. After 10 years of this, I'm used to his being gone and then being home. (I still don't like it, but until I start selling $10,000 paintings, I'm stuck with this.) The problem this time is that he got a dog about a month ago. A D-O-G!!! Okay, I'm a confirmed cat person and I have 4 cats. So, to add a dog to the mix is 'interesting'.

Problem #1: The dog came home with ticks. Yuck! Since hubby has to let his dog out for potty breaks and since he went thru parts of California which never freezes, the dog picked up ticks. Now, the dog is on Heartguard which will kill the ticks, but only after the ticks bite him. I ended up brushing the dog several times a day and try to pick the tiny ticks off him, so the ticks don't get onto my cats.

Problem #2: My cats are totally freaked out by the dog's whining. If we go outside without the dog, the dog whines. My cats then go hide and refuse to come out.

Problem #3: The dog must be walked. Not only does this mean we have to take the dog with us when we go somewhere for 6-8 hours, but occassionally he needs to go outside at 3am. Since my husband felt a bit sick for a day or so, this meant I had to get up at 3am with the D-O-G!!! (I personally need my 8 hours of sleep in one solid block!)

So, with this D-O-G around, I didn't really get any art done, nor listed any auctions, nor update my website, nor.... I did have a fun time being with my husband, but I really wish I could have done something more useful than walk the dog at 3 am!

Well, I suppose I should stop whining about not getting anything done and go do something. First thing is to figure out what I need to do first and what I can put off for a few days. Looks like I'll be working all this weekend!

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