29 January 2006


What a rollercoaster!!! From elation to sheer panic -- I covered all the emotions!

As I wrote in my last entry, hubby's big rig broke down and had to be towed. Then we got a huge bill for the repairs. Well, since then it started to have the exact same problems again. So, back to another shop it went. And we got another huge bill. This mechanic assured us that he found the problem. Well, he was wrong. Yesterday, the same problem happened and again he had to be towed to another shop. (By the way, if your big rig is towed from Laramie to Cheyenne, it's $610!) Since most shops don't like drivers to sleep in their trucks while the mechanics are working on it, this meant a night in a hotel. Anyway, after working on the fuel system the entire day, at $82/hr, they figured out that it was a pair of clogged screens. I think the parts were about $30 each, but they were the least part of the bill. So, he's back on the road (yes, Salt Lake City will get it's load of beer!), we have basically used up all of our savings, and we have our fingers crossed that this last mechanic was right.

Now, during all this repair crisis, I'm suppose to be working and carrying on like normal. At least that is what several people told me. Back when I worked at a normal 9-5 job, I could go to work even in times of crisis and just go thru the motions of my job. But art is a bit different. I'm not saying I have to be in a special happy mood to do good art, but when my guts are tied in knots and I'm shaking, doing a good drawing or painting is nearly impossible while this upset.

So, with a bit of luck, things should be back to normal tomorrow. And then I can start doing some of this alpaca artwork and make money. (Money that will go into the savings account, instead of towards a new printer. Grump!)

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