25 January 2006

Still Too Much

Things have improved slightly since I last wrote an entry. Of the 3 things I decided to focus on (a cat, a horse, and 4 ink alpaca drawings), I managed to get the cat done, the horse is about 50% done, and I know what I'm going to do for the ink drawings. Okay, I had hoped I would have had all these done by now, but...

My excuses for not getting the stuff done:

  • I got a cold over the weekend -- I'll survive, but it's hard to concentrate on drawing with a constantly runny nose.
  • I have a part-time job on some weekends and this was one of the weekends.
  • Since hubby was ripped off by a company, I've had to find and deal with lawyers -- maybe we can just skip all the paperwork and go directly to Judge Judy?! LOL!!!
  • I've had to do a few things for eBay -- to keep up the momentum.
  • I spend half of yesterday packaging things up -- drawings I sold on eBay -- and then going to the post office.
  • I also have been trying to get a bit more organized regarding auction info, mailing lists, and my web site.

I still would have liked to get more done, but I need figure out how to work smarter. To that end, I actually brokedown and bought some frozen meals (TV dinners), so I don't have to take time out to cook at night. I don't like doing that as I prefer to do my own cooking, but it is time consuming on my own. And then there is the dishes to be done -- TV dinners just dirty a fork!

Anyway, here's the sketch of the cat I finished:

It's not bad, but also not great. I got the cat a bit too dark. But the client is happy with it, so that's the important part. (Thanks L.N. for your kind comments!) I will confess I had a bit of a problem doing the drawing because the cat has recently died. I couldn't get that fact out of my mind -- kept reminding me of my cats who have died and of my friends with sick cats. (One of these days, I'll explain more about my cats.)

Well, I suppose I should get to work. I would like to get the horse drawing mostly done today. I actually have the hard part completed -- the rider, the rider's hands, and the saddle. This wouldn't have been so hard, but the client insisted on an 11x14 inch portrait. At this size, the hands complete with fingers is only 1/2 inch high and maybe 3/4 inch long. This would not have been a problem with pencil, but with soft pastel (think sticks of chalk) is was a HUGE challenge! But with the rider and saddle done, the horse will be quick and painless in comparison.

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