01 January 2006

Why Am I Blogging?!

I asked myself this when I sat down tonight to write this. Why am I writing this blog? The answer is a bit complicated, but I feel it's important to explain why I'm writing this so that you know my biases. Besides, since I'm a person who likes structure (very polite way to put it), I'll have a better understanding of what I'm suppose to write about in these first few months, while I'm still a bit unsure of this whole blogging stuff.

My altruistic reason is so that my friends, my clients, and any potential artists can see what it really takes to be an artist. I get the impression that many people view the artist's life with rose-colored glasses -- artists happily create and art collectors/patrons give buy their work. There's also the idea that the more talented an artist is, the more successful the artist will be financially. (Oh, I wish the latter was true!) So, I'm going to let everyone in on how tough it is to make a living doing art.

My less-than-altruistic reason (i.e. financial reason) is to hopefully get more people interested in my work and so to sell more. All I can say is that it can't hurt to have yet another place on the internet where people can see my work. Now, don't take this to mean that I will be constantly mentioning my auctions here and there or some special offer, because I won't. I may post a few auction links IF it fits in with what I'm talking about.

My personal reasons are twofold. First, I like to talk and/or write. And despite what my 8th grade teacher told me, others have said that my writings are amusing. Or maybe it was my weird life that was amusing? Second, I have found that by writing things out, issues get clarified, so this will be more like a personal journal for me in spots.

So there's my reasons.

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