13 February 2006


Blah just about sums up how I feel.

Hubby was home for the weekend and we had some fun times, except for 2 things. First, his d-o-g has lice. Yes, lice. Supposedly they are not communicable to people or cats, but still. So we had to 'dip' the d-o-g. Second, hubby is now gone again -- left this morning at 6am -- and I already miss him.

Then there's the alpaca situation. Since I took the weekend off from the fuzzy buggers, I only will have one larger pastel done. I may get another smaller one done today, but probably not. The problem now is to figure out what she wants matted -- she only told be 3 different things, so I'm confused. I'll have to call her back and hopefully get one answer, not 3! I do feel better about doing alpacas since I had a break, but I really could use a few more days off from them.

I'm also way behind on my website and other marketing ideas. I should have had a drawing demo done already. I needed to get a list of alpaca owners in Arizona, so I can email them about the alpaca show and tell them about my artwork. I also should have my monthly newsletter ready to go. And I won't even mention what a mess my house is.

Perhaps the biggest 'problem' is eBay. I've always been able to sell things there -- not for great sums -- but things did sell. Well, for the last few weeks, I have managed to sell about 1 out of 6 items, for the first and only bid. Not good. I know in part it's because I'm not doing popular pictures, like cats, but still, I would think someone would have bid on a $90 botanical watercolor that I had for $14.95! (I only listed it that low to get attention and because it was one of a pair, but someone bought it's mate and I didnt' want to do another one.) All the eBay 'experts' have told me the same thing -- pick a topic, pick a media, and don't confuse the buyers. I hate to admit it, but they are probably right, so I spent part of this weekend trying to figure out what exactly to do. I'm still thinking about it all, but I don't have to decide what to do until I get done with the alpacas.

Well, I suppose I need to get busy. I have a couple of calls to make. A couple of things to package and mail today. And then I need to try and work on another alpaca.

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