21 February 2006

A Busy Day Ahead

I shouldn't really take time out to write this blog, but what the heck -- it probably will make me feel better.

Today is one of those days where I have a bunch of things to do, mostly having nothing to do with art. I would have gotten most of the stuff done yesterday, if it hadn't taken me all afternoon to upload some photos. (The files were huge and every once in a while my ISP would kick me off and I would have to start all over again.) So here's today's to-do list:
  1. balance the checkbook
  2. pay some bills (oh how fun!)
  3. mail a portrait
  4. buy groceries
  5. do the dishes (ok, so I leave them for a few days!)
  6. contact Absolute Alpacas and see how they did at the show over the weekend
  7. make cat food (yes, I make my cats' food)
  8. call the lady who makes handmade paper for me
  9. call the lady who I work for part-time on some weekends and see what's going on
  10. prepare a bunch of paper (gesso it) for oil paintings
  11. finish the drawing for a large pastel portrait (the basic drawing before I start with the pastel)
  12. work for an hour or so on my drawing demo

I know, this isn't that overwhelming a list of things to do, but there's a lot of annoying things, namely the calls. For example, chances are that I'll have to leave messages, so I can't use my computer (only one phone line here) and I need to be home if and when they call back, so this has to be done after the trip into town. If Absolute Alpacas says come get the display panels, that'll be another trip, but I won't know until I get a call back from them. It's going to be a day of phone tag!

I would much prefer to just sit at home and do art.

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