15 February 2006

Last of the Alpacas....for Now

Yes, this is the last installment where I'll whine on about alpacas. For a while, at least. Absolute Alpacas does have another show in April (and May), so be forewarned. This time, however, I plan on doing some alpaca artwork in the meantime so I won't have to do nothing but alpacas for 3 weeks!

One advantage of doing so many alpacas is that I'm getting good at doing them. I can just about draw an alpaca in any position I want. Here's a couple of my favorites (both pencil drawings):

I still have a few things to do for this show -- I need to mat one large drawing of an alpaca and I need to load up and take my display panels down to them. (Professional display panels, like artist use at shows, cost about $1200 for a set, so they are renting mine. ) And while I'm there, I'll get to see their new baby alpaca (called a cria).

After that, I suppose I need to get caught up on some other commissions, finish the demo for my website, send out my newsletter, and try to get a few things done for eBay. Or I may just take tomorrow off and do some experimental painting.

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