26 February 2006

Updates: Alpaca Art, the D-O-G, and One Ugly Sofa

Sunday is usually my day to relax, catch up on things I need to do, and get ready for the coming week. So, I have a list of small things to do, in the hopes that my coming week will go more smoothly. For example, I normally make a big pot soup for lunch and a casserole for supper today. This way I have leftovers to reheat quickly during the week and I get more work done. I know this doesn't sound like much, but when I'm working on a portrait, I hate to take an hour off to make lunch because I then loose the 'flow'.

Here's the complete list:
  1. make soup for lunch
  2. make a casserole for supper
  3. do the dishes
  4. clean the birds' cages
  5. sweap and vacuum the floors
  6. varnish an oil painting I sold on Friday
  7. package 2 prints I sold last night from my eBay store
  8. add a bunch of items to my eBay store
  9. check some of the eBay groups I belong to for useful tips
  10. scan in the pencil portrait for the demo and start writing the text
  11. gesso some paper for oil sketches
  12. water the outside shrubs
  13. rewrite the guarantee page on my web site
  14. send out a follow-up email to the AZ alpaca owners
And while I'm catching up on things, I thought I would update a few topics I've mentioned of late.

First, the alpaca art. I finally talked to Absolute Alpacas and I'm sorry to say they had little luck at the alpaca show in Phoenix. They only sold a few of my small sketches, although everyone said they loved my pencil drawings. (Note: my mortgage company will not accept compliments for payment.) They sounded a bit down, but they are also going to the biggest alpaca show on the West Coast in April, so maybe they'll have better luck there. I also know that selling art at animal shows is difficult -- people are there to show their animals, not to shop. I do feel bad for them, not only because they have been a good source of income for me, but because they are nice people who truly believe in quality art. I have a few ideas which might help them, so I'll talk to them again this coming week.

Second, the D-O-G. After my lecture and explanation of dog behavior, my husband is reporting that the dog is now doing better. This week, he only had one accident and seems to be understanding the 'new' rules. I still need to impress on my husband that he must continue with the discipline for at least a few more weeks.

And third, the ugly sofa. It's really not that ugly -- more of a brownish green. I can live with the color for a while. And the cats just love it! We got rid of all our furniture when we move here 5 years ago, so it's pretty nice to have a sofa again. What was even nicer was the wonderful chat I had with the lady who I got the sofa from. I'm just sorry she'll be moving shortly as we have a lot in common and I think we could become friends. Now we will have to make-do with being cyber-friends.

One other update -- I have 2 paid commissions, 4 commissions with checks in the mail, 1 I'm sure will pay on the 1st, and 3 in limbo.

Well, now I need to get started on my split pea soup with leeks for lunch!

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