13 March 2006


I'm not in the best of moods today. Okay, I'm down right grumpy because I'm in one of my frustration periods. These are times (several days to several weeks long) where everything becomes a hassle. Simple things turn into frustrations. Here are my top 3:
  1. eBay/PayPal payment Someone bought something from my eBay store. The person marked it as payment sent, but after 15 days, I have yet to receive the money. It's probably sitting in the person's account as 'unclaimed' (PayPal's wording for their system didn't process it correctly), but I can't get the person to cancel and resend the money. I'll try one more time to contact the person (6 emails so far) and then I'll file a non-paying bidder complaint. If the person would just check their PayPal account, the problem could be solved/avoided in 2 minutes.
  2. hubby's truck Over the weekend hubby's truck started to have the same problems with the fuel system. So, we had someone drain and remove the one fuel tank. Lo and behold they found a flat cap in the tank which may have been intermittently blocking the fuel intake. (This will be declared THE problem if the truck works fine for the next week.) Remember about 2 weeks ago when I complained about a $1200 repair bill? Part of that bill was draining and removing the tank to look for foreign objects. Obviously, they didn't look hard at all. If they had done the job correctly, that would have saved us $800 and a whole lot of stress.
  3. alpaca art After talking to the alpaca farm who handles my alpaca art, I have a very uneasy feeling that they are throwing in the towel, but they won't say that. They've done 2 small shows and sold a fair amount, but not as much as they wanted. (They might have sold more if they advertised, contacted the alpaca owners, or even put the artwork up on their website.) Until they say 'yes' or 'no', I'm left in limbo with regards to selling alpaca art on my own.

Why can't people just act responsibly? do their job correctly? or give definite answers?

Oh well, if I get back to work, things won't seem so bad. I'll sort of forget about these 'annoyances' and maybe when I think about them again, they will be solved.

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