03 March 2006

Working in More Chaos!

I think I jinxed myself the other day. I was so proudly saying how I've figured out how to work in chaos, so the Universe slap me upside the head with more chaos! This will teach me to keep my mouth shut.

The latest bit of chaos is hubby's truck again. Despite all the repairs he had over the last 2 months, the same problem occurred again -- namely it would run out of fuel even with full tanks. So, he spent most of yesterday in a repair shop and they think (no guarantee here) that they found the problem and fixed it. I have my fingers crossed since it was another $1200 repair bill. And we just can't afford any more bills like this! (Heck, we can't really afford that bill either, but if I don't buy the digital camera and printer I had planned on and I move some money from PayPal to my checking account, we'll make it. Donations are still welcome!)

One thing that has helped me thru this latest mess is the number of commissions I have. I know I don't have time to sit around and mope about this latest mess -- I have to get working on these commissions! I may not be terribly thrilled about much (too worried about money right now), but once I get working, I will forget about the money part so that I can do a good job on the artwork.

And just to create a bit more chaos for myself, I've decided to move all my auction photos to a free website. This will allow me to accurately assess my website statistics, without the huge eBay bubble of requests. Without the auction traffic crowding out everything else, I'll get a better idea of what marketing is working and what isn't. Also, since I'll be transferring things, I can resize the photos, add a copyright line over the photo, and clean out some duplicate photos on my website. This whole project would be easier if I didn't have an eBay store, since I'll have to go in an revise every listing individually. But I plan on doing a few each day, so over a week or so, it will get done.

Well, I should get to work. My to-do list is a bit longer than usual today and I would like to do some fun painting this afternoon, if I can fit it in.

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