03 April 2006

eBay Update

Well, yesterday was interesting. I'm not sure that's exactly the word, but it'll have to do since the coffee is still brewing.

I had one item on eBay end -- a botanical watercolor of an iris. It really was stunning. I listed it for $40 and guess what? One bid, so it went for $40. Now I understand botanical watercolors aren't a hot property (thanks to all the 'prints' out there), but still... What I don't understand is there 4 people watching it. The guy that won it wasn't one of the 4. So, what happened to the these 4 people who took the steps to add it to their watchlists? I don't understand it -- if I put something on my watchlist, I either bid on it or I remove it.

I have another botanical watercolor up, a daylily, and it's getting very few views. I did put it up for 10 days, so it's got time to attract viewers. Fingers crossed on this one.

And finally, I did put up the roses in a vase yesterday. I settled on $62.50 -- $10 per hour plus $2.50 for the paper and pastel. (Sure, I know exactly how much pastel I use on each piece. And the Easter bunny will be bringing me a BMW.) I thought about going higher, but I decided I would rather sell it than not. The good news is that someone is already watching it, but as with the iris, I'm not sure that's a positive sign or not. If anyone wants to bid on it, here's the link:

Roses in Vase Auction

Remember, bid early, bid often!

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