10 April 2006

Spring Flowers

Things are going well and not so well. A lot depends on what I'm talking about.

First the bad. I still haven't heard the bad news from the account about our taxes. Hubby has a cold and as a truck driver, this means he keeps driving, so I'm worried about him. Things are beyond slow on eBay -- nobody even looking! And we are suppose to get rain tomorrow and I haven't fixed the couple of shingles on my roof from the last round of storms.

On the other hand, the artwork is going well. I've been working on a portrait of a young boy and some alpacas and it's coming out well. I finished another pastel bouquet, like the roses, but of carnations. I made wonderful progress on a botanical watercolor of black-eyed susans. And tomorrow I start on an oil painting of a hummingbird.

Actually, my latest plan is working well. The plan is to start with botanical watercolors and then slowly spread out to other things, such as still lifes and animal art. (Botanical watercolors are my comfort paintings -- I know I can do them well, so they are what I revert to when I'm anxious about stuff.) The idea is to do sets of each, so right now I'm working on:
  • a set of 12 botanical watercolors of garden perennials
  • a set of 6 pastel/watercolor works of bouquets
  • a set of 5 (or 6) small oil paintings of hummingbirds and flowers

As you will notice, they all involve flowers. The reasoning behind this is that people find my jumping from one thing to another upsetting, or so the theory goes. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but it's worth a shot. It does help me organize my thoughts and it's somewhat comforting for me to know exactly what I will be doing today, tomorrow, and even next week. Besides, all these sets will work just fine for my upcoming shows in Montrose. (Last year, they really liked the flowers, so ...)

Now, I just have to figure out how to get people to actually buy my artwork!

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