29 May 2006

It's a Holiday?!

Yes, today is Memorial Day. For most people that means a day off, maybe a picnic, and a time to relax. For many working artists (as opposed to the wannabe artists), this is not a day off and may actual be a big work day.

Concerning this latter point, since a holiday weekend means that many are off work and are looking for something to do, there's often art shows on these weekends. Promoters figure that people will come and wander around and buy art. In my experience, it doesn't really work like that. Sure there will be a lot of people walking thru an art show, especially if it's free, but that doesn't mean they will buy art. They may buy a few cards, or pick up a business card, but buy a $400 painting? Usually not. The under $20 impulse buy, yes. The over $100 nice art, no. While a holiday weekend show looks good on paper, it's dubious in return, especially for a fine artist.

Also holiday weekends create a 'problem' with eBay. The big question is do you list items that either end or begin on a holiday or holiday weekend. One camp says no because there are less people looking -- they are out with the family, etc. The other camp says yes because there are a lot of people not going anywhere who will have more time on their hans and so will shop on eBay. I'm not sure which is right, although I did move my auctions back a day so that none would end yesterday. I do have one ending today, but I have specific buyers in mind, who check my auctions regularly, so they knew from last week it would end today. (Translation: a botanical watercolor probably will not be a impulse buy even on eBay!)

As for me, on this holiday, I'll be doing my normal thing. I had contemplated driving into LA to a show I want to see, but with gas at $3.39/gal, I'll skip it. So, I'll be working. I have 2 pet sketches to finish and a rose to paint, plus I really need to update my website. The only difference will be no checks in the mail today! (I'd prefer them to be incoming rather than outgoing.)

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