13 May 2006

A Lazy Saturday

Well, I just got back from a trip into town. I went in to see a cat show and to check out if I could sell cat art at cat shows. The answer is no. Just like horse and alpaca shows, most of the people who go to animal shows are there to show there animals and aren't interested in buying non-show stuff. Since this was a small show, there was much traffic from the general public, so there'd be little chance of selling to the public either. Maybe at a larger show, there'd be enough of a general public to make it worth while, but then the booth fee would be a lot higher. So, just for the record, animal shows really aren't a good venue to sell art.

Before going into town today, I did manage to scan in a couple of recently finished pieces. This first one is the boxer dog in watercolor on handmade paper. I think he looks cute!

I really don't know how many more of these works on handmade paper I'll be doing. I seem to have annoyed the lady that makes the paper for me. I told her that I needed off-white, as in oatmeal colored paper, and also paper about the color of brown paper bags. I also told her that the colors didn't need to be exact and that I need a fairly smooth surface. For a couple of batches, this worked fine. Now lately, she demanding that I do swatches of exactly the color I need, and that she thought I wanted a rough surface, and that I need to do this or that, etc. So, it's looking like I may be teaching myself to make paper. It's not hard -- I just need another blender -- but it's one of those things I'd rather pay someone else to do for me.

Anyway, the other piece is another watercolor/pastel bouquet, this one of sunflowers in an old red coffee pot. I really like the combination of watercolor and pastel as the watercolor has transparent areas and the pastel is clearly opaque. (You really can't see that in the picture, so you'll have to take my word for it.)

Well, I suppose I should get to work. I have one large alpaca portrait, 2 pencil portraits, 3 oil portraits, and 3 small sketches to do, plus what I want to do for eBay and shows. One of these days I would like to be caught up!

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