23 May 2006

A New Routine

Well, I've decided that I need a new daily routine because too many non-art-making things have crept into my art-making time. Lately I've noticed that I have been doing tasks like the dishes or answering emails during the day. Since it is hard to produce art under artificial light, I need to do my art while there is daylight. So, I need to move these non-art tasks to either earlier or later in the day.

Here's my new schedule:
  • 6-8am: get up, do tai chi, feed the cats and birds, eat breakfast, drink my coffee, write blog
  • 8-11am: do art, working mainly on portraits
  • 11am-1pm: eat lunch, make phone calls, errands into town
  • 1-5pm: do more art, working mainly on eBay items and show pieces
  • 5-7pm: fix supper, feed cats, do dishes, answer emails, clean up yard
  • 7-8 or 9pm: review math
  • 8/9-11pm: relax by watching tv, reading, or quilting

This looks do-able, unlike many schedules I tend to make. I have a tendency to believe I'm SuperWoman and can do a incredible amount of stuff all at once. I usually can do it for about 3 or 4 days and then I crash and take 4 or 5 days off, trying to recover. But I'm hoping that this one is more realistic.

Now the problem is 'surprises'. For example, some weeks ago, my web site was down so I transferred many of my auction photos over to a photo site. Then yesterday, I noticed that many of my auction and store items didn't have photos because this alternative site was down. Well, since it makes no sense to run art auctions without pictures, I had to revise a number of auctions by changing the sources for my photos back to my web site. So, when things like this happen, my entire schedule is thrown out the window!

Well, I'll see how this schedule works for a couple of weeks, if it makes it that long. I really want to get more art done, both for eBay and for shows, yet I don't want to give up things like playing with my cats. I'm hoping this new plan will give me both.

And now I see that I need to get moving since I still have to have breakfast and coffee, feed the cat herd, and answer a couple of emails. Only 43 minutes to go before I'm late on the first day of my new schedule!!!

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