03 October 2006

3 for 3, But...

Well, so far I'm 3 for 3. That is, 3 paintings in 3 days into my "painting a day" plan. That's not bad, since I spent most of the morning doing something. Other than checking my auctions (and hoping people would visit them), I really can't recall what else I did.

It wasn't until this afternoon that I got around to painting this art card:

It's a Downy woodpecker in watercolor. I had wanted to do this little fellow in oils, but since I wanted to list something tonight, oils were out. And pastels would have been impossible at this scale with the details I wanted. I can always do a similar version on a larger scale sometime. Anyway, painting around the white wing bars was fun! (Right now it's being flattened under those big art history books, but in the meantime, you can bid on it by clicking here.)

And yes, I put a lot of detail into it. I shouldn't as this was part of what I was trying to avoid with the a painting a day idea. The problem is I'm nervous and worried about Sammy's trip to the vet tomorrow. And doing very detailed paintings or drawings is a good way to distract myself.

And speaking of tomorrow, I'll be taking Sammy up to the vet in Big Bear City, so I'll be leaving here at about 8:30am. I'll spend the dy up there taking photos, or hiking, or visiting the zoo, and then pick him up at about 3-4pm. I seriously doubt that I will feel like painting when I get home, so I'll miss tomorrow's painting. I am toying with the idea of taking some paints with me and doing some plein air painting. I don't know -- I rather dislike painting in public. Getting a couple rolls of useable photos may be just as important.

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