25 October 2006

Bad Timing!

Yesterday, I was feeling good. I sent out a newsletter. I emailed Talk of the Nation (an NPR radio) and had my email read on air.

And then I went to the poll working class. Since that, it's been down hill. The class lasted almost 2.5 hours since I was the only one who had worked the polls before. (My punishment for missing the regular class and having to take a make-up one.) I tried to find double-pointed size 8 knitting needles in town and couldn't. I got home to cat puke in the hall because some cat who shall remain nameless insists on eating parrot pellets. (Cats can't digest parrot pellets, so they....well figure it out!) I tried to knit a scarf for a lady and after 2 hours of piddling with it, I gave up. Actually, someone called and talked on and on for over 1 hour.

So, I didn't do any painting yesterday. I didn't do a blog entry, which was one of the links from the newsletter. And then my cactus print didn't sell on eBay.

But wait -- that's not all!

This morning, I wake up with a sore throat and a slight fever. The sore throat has gone slightly away, but now the fever is worse, I'm achy, and I'm cold even though it's hot in here. To top it off eBay is having a 20-cent listing day, and while I would like to list some more expensive pieces (such as portrait commissions) I better not since I have several waiting for me to finish them now.

Talk about bad timing!!!

So, I basically spent the day being a cat pillow and reading. I'm hoping that if I take it easy for a day or two, I'll avoid getting real sick. I guess this means that the painting a day will be suspended for a few days. (That's going to create some problems down the road, but if I do any art, I have to work on getting these portraits done!)

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