09 October 2006

Doggie Be Gone

Okay, so this weekend I fell off the "painting a day" wagon. (I didn't fall off the blogging wagon, but just before I had finished an outstandingly wonderful blog entry last night, the lights flicker and off my computer went. I was too annoyed to rewrite it, so you get a summary this morning.)

And I'm blaming it on the neighbor's dog that I found. I tried to do the good neighbor thing and take care of the dog until they returned home. But they didn't come home on Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday. So, I called animal control. While they usually don't pick up strays on weekends, they do if it's an emergency -- and I must have sounded like I was at the end of my rope! (It whined/barked all night, snapped at my cats, had to be taken out every 3 hours, and whined if I wasn't in view. Oh, it also smelled like a dog!)

Now that I'm free of a dog, it's back to work. I have no idea what I'll be doing today, although a pet portrait commission comes to mind, but I will be back working. And that sounds great!!!

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