11 October 2006


Sometimes I run into a portrait that drives me nuts. Jackie was one those. Beautiful cat, but an interesting color. Version 1, I screwed up the color. Version 2, I didn't like the pose and while correcting it, I really messed up the paper. Version 3, had a tail and I only then realised that the 4 photos of the cat showed no tail. Yep, it's a Manx. So I tried a different layout -- only the head. Version 4a was too large. Version 4b was too small. Finally, version 4c was just right! Two days of work, but I did finally get it to my liking. (And the client loves the scan, so it's worth it.)

Now that this portrait is done, that leaves only 6 more to do. (Ended up with another one today.) I really wish I didn't have all these portraits to do, so I could focus on getting things done for eBay. But I've committed to doing the portraits, so I will do them. Besides, I'm looking forward to doing several of them in oils.

Back to eBay. For the past several days, I've had a lot of people looking at the 2 botanical watercolor paintings I have up on auction. I would like to have several other botanicals in my store, but I either have to unframe a few or I have to do new ones. As I hate unframing pieces, that leaves doing new pieces. I actually have an iris drawn out, so it's only a matter of painting it. I wonder if I can do it in one day? I think I'll find out tomorrow!

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