01 October 2006

The First Day's Painting

This meadowlark was the first in my "a painting a day" plan. It's watercolor on handmade paper. And it came out quite nicely I think.

In keeping with my idea to leave out all unnecessary details, the feathers on the back have more suggested detail than actual detail. See, I have a tendency to paint in each and ever feather shaft and marking. Then I would paint over them to create the shading. Instead, I started with the shading and then added enough details to make them look realistic. I will confess that I was more than a bit nervous, but it came out fine.

Right now it's being pressed flat. This handmade paper buckles when wet, so I have to carefully wet the entire sheet and then dry it under weights. (Large art history books do come in handy for some things!) It'll be dry and flat tomorrow, so I might just list it.

Or I might not. I need to figure out what I'm going to list on eBay. I had the idea of concentrating on still lifes, but the anemones I put up have 3 views after 4 days. I don't know whether it's the subject, the painting quality, or the lack of eBay surfers at this time. (September is suppose to be good, but who knows with eBay?!) Anyway, I don't know whether it's worth listing anything but art cards, which still seem to be selling for me. I'll have to ponder this tonight.

In the meantime, I'm off to give my self a gold star for doing a painting today! (I wonder what I win with my gold stars?!)

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