12 October 2006


Groan. This is going to be short as I'm tired.

It seems like all I have done today is play on this computer, even though I did get a small painting done. (More on that later.) I decided that since eBay sends out an email "New from Your Favorite Sellers" on Thursday night/Friday morning, I should put a few new items in my eBay store. And since my two botanical watercolors on auction have been getting a number of views, I put a couple of orchids in the store.

Then I made a few revisions to some of the store items, because I'm trying a more 'personal' touch to my listings. Someone in a groups said that people buy from an artist because of a personal relationship, either actual or preceived. Collectors like to feel like they know something personal about the artist. So I'm slowly changing listings to "my" and "I" rather than "the artist's" or "the artist". I had used the third person because another group said it gave the artist more of a professional look. But lately, a couple of buyers have emailed me and I got the impression that they appreciated the personal touches.

Then I had to list something new on auction today. I listed a small oil of a ladyslipper, similar to the one I did a week or so ago.

I personally I'm not thrilled with it, but hubby likes it as does several other people. So I'm listing it. (Click here to bid on this painting!) Some people say never to sell anything you are not pleased with. Others say sell things even if you're not 100% thrilled with them. Yes, this is another case of two opposing opinions. (Seems art is full of contradicting opinions.)

Oh, yes, I did do a painting today. It's an art card of a purple iris. But it's done in oils and isn't dry, so I can't scan it. I tried using my camera phone to take a photo of it, but that didn't work. The purple came out blue, no matter what I did. So, you'll have to wait a day or two to see it.

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