22 October 2006

Nibblefest Art Contest

Well, I finally have my house and life back all to myself. While I love spending time with my husband, having him and his d-o-g around does create a major amount of chaos in my life. For example, he had to take his truck into the shop again. This time for 'gunk' in the cooling system. While it was in the shop, we basically couldn't do much just in case the mechanic calls. (Hubby's idea -- me, I figure a cell phone is good anywhere.) So, for 3 days, we basically sat home doing nothing. Okay, one day we did sneak down to Palm Desert to get my oil changed, get a new phone for me, and buy some groceries. Other than that, we were just waiting for THE call. (This time it was only $600!)

Anyway, he went back on the road yesterday, so I got back to work. And today, I finished up this piece:

This piece is called "Natural Bonsai". It's watercolor with some rice paper collage on the rocks and trunks. The painting was inspired by the trees that grow along the canyons on CA-18, which is the back way upto Big Bear, CA. I rather like the zen like nature of it -- fits well with the bonsai idea. And it was fun to do because it was so different than my normal paintings.

Now, for the good part. I'm entering this in the Nibblefest Art Contest. This is a contest tun by a group of eBay artists. Each month they have a new theme and people can enter one piece each month. It starts on the 20th and ends on the 27th, but I can still enter as long as I do a 5 day listing. The scary part of this is that all listings start at $0.99. Cheap to list, but I'm hoping it doesn't go for that! The winner of the contest is the person who gets the most different bidders. (And if you want to help me win, click here and bid, please.)

Realistically, I know I have very little chance of winning, because most of the people in the group are friends and tend to bid on each others' works. But I'm doing this for 3 reasons:

  1. Having to do different themes -- ones that I never would do on my own -- is good for my artistic muscles.
  2. I'm hoping that the attention their auctions get will lead a few more buyers to my auctions.
  3. And I'm very curious as to what will happen with a $0.99 listing.

With a bit of luck, this piece will go for a decent price and I'll win the contest!

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