17 October 2006

We Interrupt This Show....

Yep, another interruption to my plans. This one occurred at 6:15am yesterday. Hubby calls and says, "I'll be home tonight." And sure enough, he came home last night. While he doesn't mean to interrupt my painting-a-day, he is a distraction. After all, he does expect food and he does need to go grocery shopping to buy stuff to take in his truck and.... So tomorrow, we go down to Palm Springs to get my new phone, get the oil changed, buy groceries at Trader Joe's, and get the d-o-g the only brand of dog food he'll eat at the pet store. (With a bit of luck, I'll get a milk shake too!)

So, for the next few days, like until Friday, I'll probably not get much done. Although I did get one done today -- one which I had started yesterday. And I do need to get one done by Friday night for a group contest on eBay. (More on this on Friday.)

So without further adieu, here's today's painting:

It's a scrub jay in watercolor on handmade paper. I know I'm doing quite a number of these, but they are quick to do and then sell (not like oils having to dry for a month) and they sell well (the meadowlark went for a nice price last night). Anyway, it came out pretty well. The wrinkles will be removed once I flatten it. And it looks more purple-blue in the photo than in real life. But these two things will be fixed before I auction it.

And now, back to hubby...

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