01 January 2007

Another New Year

Well, 2007 is finally here, but, quite frankly, I'm not done with 2006. I had planned on getting all the commissions done, but I didn't quite make. I have several that I am working and these are a priority for this month. I had also wanted to do more experimental stuff, more marketing, more....

But that was last year and this is this year, so I get a clean slate.

And I have big plans for 2007. Here's a few things I'm planning for this year:
  • Start doing some detailed wood carvings for shows and galleries
  • Do some larger pastel pieces with the idea of entering them into pastel shows and perhaps getting some precious initials after my name (I'll explain this some day)
  • Keep doing smaller but quality work for eBay and list 3 pieces minimum a week
  • Contact interior decorators and see if I can find one on the East Coast to represent my botanical watercolors
  • Maybe contact some magazines or book publishers and get some freelance illustration work
  • Blog nearly daily

In terms of artwork itself, here's few things I'm planning to work on, which I never got to last year:

  • Detailed wood sculptures
  • Larger oil paintings of wildlife
  • Highly textured still lifes
  • Maybe a new print every month, but more realistically, one every other month

Yep, it's quite a lot to do. So, I'm planning on major rearrangements in my personal life to give me more time and mental energy. The main two things will be to cut out 95% of all tv and internet surfing and follow the FlyLady routines. (I'll explain the latter some day.)

Anyway, I had better get working on supper. One of my personal resolutions is to eat decent food, rather than whatever is quick and easy. Tonight is winter root gratin! Tomorrow, I'll post the two pieces I list for the PAAO contest.

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