30 April 2008

Another Day Off

Gees, it's not been months since I last wrote!

Actually, I'm going a bit bonkers. I have today off and probably tomorrow too. I do know that I'll be working on Friday, although I'm not too thrilled over that. My husband is coming home tomorrow night and I'd rather spend the day with him rather than 6 classes of 7th-graders. But we need the money and I don't mind the school, so I felt I should.

For those that don't know how substitute teaching works, once you are hired, you gain access to a website where you sign up for assignments. What the site tells you is the date, the school, the teacher, and the general topic. So, for Friday, I know where and when and for whom I'll be subbing, but I only know the class is "social studies". At this school, I'm not even sure of the grade. Some school districts have teachers put the lesson online, so I could see if the "social studies" was history about the Reformation or geography of South America. This mystery factor can be interesting! (And sometimes not in a positive way.)

Anyway, I spent today working on some calculus and on my new pink skirt, along with some housework. Again, I thought about working on a painting, but I took a nap instead. My excuse today was I am using my art studio for a sewing room and getting out all the paints will only add to the mess in here. I really do need to rearrange this room so I can do both. I think there's room, if things were better layed out. I doubt that I'll get to that until after school is out -- it's something that will take 5-7 days to do.

Well, the cat herd is complaining. It only took them 2 days to get used to being fed at 5am and 5pm, so now I'm late!

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