04 January 2011

First Steps Back

This starting back doing art and selling art is a real challenge.  It's been two years since I've done much with PayPal, eBay, or my website, so I've forgotten much of what I used to know.  I suppose over time things will come back.

The drawing and painting seems to have come back fairly quickly.  I've started on an oil painting of a mountain chickadee, which I should finish tomorrow.  I've got the drawing for a short-eared owl, also in oil.  And I'm in the planning/drawing stages for a western grebe in watercolor.  The painting has gone well, although my biggest challenge is the tubes of oils are dried shut.  I almost totally mashed one using pliers to get it open and at least two colors are totally dry.  Guess I don't really need burnt umber!

One big adjustment is that hubby is home.  Before, he was out driving a truck and I was all by myself.  While I know this is my own paranoia, I feel like he's watching me and trying to figure out if I'm working hard enough.  After all, this is a big gamble since I'm not substitute teaching (which is 'sure' money) and have gone back to doing art (which is not 'sure' money).  The effect so far is that I'm working harder.  In theory, he should be able to take over some of the cooking and cleaning chores so I will have more time to do art.

Another big adjustment is my cats.  Last time I was doing art, I had 4 cats.  And now, I have 9, including one who is on fluids 3 times a week and one who needs to be hand-fed.  Overall, they don't create problems, except that I want to spend some time each day playing with each one or brushing them or just lounging around with them.  The only other problem is Robbie has decided my studio is his favorite room so he's moved in.  All my paintings will be easily identified -- his cat hair goes straight to wet oils!

I'm actually fairly happy with how things are going.  It also feels so good to be back painting.

And now, off to finish the grebe drawing....

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