05 January 2011

Just Not a Good Day

I got up this morning all bright and cheery, and I should have gone right back to bed!

First annoyance -- Isabel, my silver Persian, won't eat.  She has decided that Maggie's food is so much better than hers.  To get Isabel to eat, I now have to put a spoonful of Maggie's food on it to give it some flavor.

Second annoyance -- Hubby suggests we go down to Palm Springs to get some parrot pellets and a few items at Trader Joe's.  Fine, but let's go soon.  So, he reads for a while, walks his dogs, and then gets changed and ready to go.  In the meantime,

Third annoyance --Robbie, my Persian/Maine Coon mix, is really looking pathetic.  His right ear is horizontal and he's scratched it badly.  So, as much as I don't like to drive to my vet in Big Bear in the winter, I make an appointment.  This then leads to...

Fourth annoyance -- Hubby and I have a tiff.  It's not really a fight out loud, so much as both of us are angry at the other.  Fine, he stayed home, I went to the vet.

Fifth and biggest annoyance -- Robbie has ear mites.  Now, if you don't own cats or dogs, this means nothing.  What it means to me is that I now have to treat all my cats -- all 9 -- plus hubby's 2 dogs for ear mites.  This is just going to be so much fun and for 2-3 weeks!

Sixth annoyance -- I was suppose to substitute tomorrow and have Friday off to take Maggie to the eye vet.  That is now changed to work tomorrow and Friday, with the eye vet on Monday.

So, no, I haven't had a good day.  Yes, I understand a lot of these problems are minor or my own creation, and if my attitude was better, they wouldn't be so annoying.  I'm just really annoyed at myself for letting all this distract me and not get any art done.

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