18 July 2011

Book Review: Raising Cats Naturally by Michelle Bernard

To create optimum health in a cat, one should feed the cat what is closest to it's natural diet. This is the premise of Michelle T. Bernard's book. She has painstakingly researched the diet of cats and how to create the best diet for the domestic cat. This diet is based on raw meat with added supplements. While making cat food takes longer than opening a can of commercial food, Bernard points out many of the benefits from this diet, including lowering vet bills. The recipes are long, but composed of simple ingredients and easy to follow.

As someone who has used her recipes since 2004, I can attest to the health benefits. Several of my cats are alive today because this diet cured their irritable bowel disease, diabetes, and other incurable diseases. Over the years, I have tried other raw food recipes, but this is one I return to over and over. This is the book I tell others to buy when they are starting their cats on raw food.
For those not familiar with homeopathy, herbs, and other alternative treatments, this book also includes several pages of discussion concerning each.  For example, she includes a treatment for ringworm, which is VERY effective, cheap, and, unlike the commonly prescribed vet medicine, harmless to cats.  If I forget the food information, this one thing more than paid for the book in savings!

I have only two tiny complaints.  One is I wish she would update the book with regards to sources.  I know I'm asking a lot, but several companies she suggests are either out of business or no longer carry the product.  The second complaint is include more photos of her gorgeous cats.  See -- I told you these were tiny complaints!
Anyway,  I can't praise it enough!!!  )

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