25 July 2011

My Kindle Adventure, Part II

After such a struggle to get the Kindle for PC installed, working, and filled with a few books, I had a chance to use it today.  I finished reading one novel in pdf format and started on a new novel with the Kindle.  I can see that it has some advantages and some disadvantages, both regarding physical books and pdf format books.

  • Books take no shelf space.
  • You can take notes in the margin, so to speak.
  • You can put a bookmark at the top of the page.
  • There are a lot more free books available as ebooks than as physical books.
  • You still can't use it to read in the bathtub, or outside, or in bed with a cat on your stomach.
  • It bothers my eyes and neck to sit here and read for any period of time.
  • Math books don't translate well to ebooks.
  • I suspect that the Kindle is sending information back to Amazon because suddenly their recommendations reflect the non-Amazon Kindle book I'm reading.
So, will I ever be hooked on ebooks?  No.
Will I buy a Kindle or Nook? Probably not.
Will I consider buying ebooks? Probably for newer authors, where they either don't publish in a physical form or I'm too cheap to spend $20 on an unknown.

And now, off to bed and a nice physical book!

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