20 July 2011

Playing Librarian

I spend most of the day playing librarian.  Over a month ago, I found a web site, Library Thing, where you can catalog all your books.  You type in the ISBNs or authors or titles and then add it to your virtual library.  It's very handy, or it will be, once you have all your books listed.  Then, if I want to know if I have no. 8 in the Ramage novel series, I can quickly find out, rather than hunting threw stacks of books.  In addition to the main purpose of the site, your book catalog, there are also groups, book giveaways, and tons of info on the books themselves.  The neat thing is the site is free if you have less than 200 books.

So, today, I spent most of the day inputting the books that are in the bedroom.  I had already done the my studio and ended up with ~400 books.  I have one more box to do in the bedroom, so I should be a bit over 600 books.  I will have to go through these books and make corrections, add tags, write reviews, etc. but I'd rather get them all in once and for all.  After today, that leaves the living room/kitchen books with all my cookbooks, and <gulp> the study.  There's at least 40 boxes of books and a huge bookcase in the study.  I have no idea what the final count will be, but I'd guess around 2500 to 3000.

That sounds like a lot of books, but there are hundreds of people on that site with libraries that size or larger.  The 50 largest libraries are all over 11,000 books.  I like reading and books, but that seems an awful lot!

While I was entering things, Maggie and Isabel both snoopervised.  (I love that word -- snoopervize.)  Apparently, I wasn't entertaining enough, because they both fell asleep after 20-30 minutes.  The only problem I had with that is every time I moved, Maggie would wake up and wander around.  So, of course, I sat there in one position until I could barely stand up rather than wake her up.  But I was just thrilled to sit there and work, looking over at her now and then and seeing her peacefully sleeping.  Melted my heart.

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