27 July 2011

Premeditated Peeing!!!

[I've been doing a lot of book reviews and such lately, so I thought I would return to my cats.  With 10 cats, there's always something weird or interesting going on!]

I know animal behavior experts say cats don't have real emotions, they don't hold grudges, or they don't reason things out. What I have to say to the experts is

HA!!!  Talk to Spencer.

One of my Persian kitties, Spencer seems to have ear mites again, so I'm cleaning and oiling his ears. He hates this -- not dislikes, but totally hates it. What normally happens when he gets mad, he pees on the floor in the bathroom when I feed him.  Now, he only ever pees on the floor in the bathroom during the day with the door closed -- not over night, not with the door open, and not anywhere else.  So I got the idea to clean his ears right after breakfast which is usually after he's used his litterbox. Thought it would work like this -- bladder empty, clean ears, Spencer forgets/forgives over the next 3-4 hours, so no peeing on the floor when he's in the bathroom for lunch.  I mean, for an animal who isn't suppose to hold a grudge at all, after 4 hours any inkling of a grudge is gone, right?

Well, I cleaned the ears and he growled and hissed through it all. We then sat around all morning with no problems -- 4 hours of him being friendly. At lunch, I give him a snack in his bathroom (after cleaning the litterbox so he could use it because he CAN'T use a dirty box), figuring everything was cool. Nope, the little stinker peed 2" from his box and, when I opened the door to let him out, he strutted out and flicked his tail at me!

Premeditated peeing!!!  He had to have held his bladder until lunch and then remembered that he was upset at me.

And to think for the next 2-4 weeks, everytime I clean his ears, I'll get to clean up cat urine. The things I do for these guys.

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