25 December 2012

A Very Special Gift

A very dear friend of mine created a scrapbook of one of my cats.

Miss Maggie Moo was a rescue Persian.  She had been used as a breeding queen and then literally dumped.  When I adopted her, she weighed 3 lbs, had huge cuts on her skin, and an infected uterus.  She then lost an eye to herpes, and had to have 2 corneal grafts on the other eye to save it.  She lived with me for 16 months, but in the end, her body was too damaged to survive.  She died in my arms.

And despite all the abuse she had suffered and all the pain she went through to save her eye, she never stopped loving me.  The night before she died, she curled up to me as if to say goodbye.

Maggie was very special.  And Cynthia captured that in the pages she created.

If you would like to see all the pages, plus more of Cynthia's outstanding work, she has a blog at:

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