31 December 2012

Always Something

It seems like no matter what I do to get caught up, there's always something new that comes along.  <sigh>  I know, this is just how life is, but at some point I would like a week off of new surprises, usually of the unpleasant kind.

Just so no one worries -- nothing new today.  Yet.

I'm still in a bit of a shock over Bertie.  I love him.  And I'm worried about me having to go through the kidney failure stuff with him, Clancy, maybe Dante, and maybe Robbie, all at once.  I just need not to worry about what might happen and focus on the present.

So, the present.  Those lists I made the other day are actually proving useful.  Here's today's 'really would like to get done and is realistic' list:

  • do more laundry
  • write a book review
  • clean eyes and ears on all the cats
  • order my carpet cleaner
  • reflect on 2012 and plan for 2013
I'm also contemplating getting some quilting stuff out.  I really would like to have a hobby other than playing around on the internet or reading.  But this hobby has to be something I can stop for days and start again with no problems, and something that is not to mentally taxing for when I'm tired, and something I can do without endangering my fuzzy helpers.  I have a couple of quilts started and could work on them in here with Anya.  

Then again, I look at the Maggie scrapbook pages and think they are sooo beautiful that maybe I could so something for my other kitties, angels and present ones.  But to do that, I would have to buy lots of bits and pieces to make them look good, and I'm not sure I want more stuff right now...

Stuff to think about as I do laundry....  More later.

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