28 December 2012

Back to Normal

I think Wendy is almost back to normal, or will be shortly.  Yah!!!  She had quite a poop over night -- long, dry and black at one end.  This, to those non-poopologists who are reading along, means that the 'bad' food has finally passed out (that was the black part).  So, she should be back to eating and pooping like normal, or at least what passes for normal for her.

And Clancy was hungry this morning.  He was hesitant to eat last night, so I crushed a treat and put that on his snack.  He then ate it all.  So, this morning, I added a tiny bit, maybe 1/4 teaspoon, of canned food on top of his ground chicken, and he quickly ate everything.  I know cats aren't suppose to get bored with food, but he sort of acts that way.

I know this is silly to many, but if my cats are okay, I'm okay.  They are my emotional anchors.  No matter how awful a day I have at school or how upset I feel, all that melts away when I hug or groom one of my cats.  To me, they are special little people that love unconditionally.

Well, enough soppy stuff and now to figure out what to do today.  Last night I was sure I would go to Palm Desert, but this morning, that seems a lot harder to do.  I'm lazy.  Another problem is a trip down there will mean I get little else done -- it's ~1 hour each way.  I also discovered 20 loads of laundry in the closet while looking for something.  I should do some laundry before I run off and play.  Maybe go into town and see what the fabric/craft store has for scrapbooking?  I know I have to go somewhere -- I need lysine for Anya's eye (she has herpes and the lysine stops it from doing damage).

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