27 December 2012

Review: Jack Shadow

Jack Shadow by Graeme Smith
ISBN:  978-1-927476-70-3

Jack Shadow is a very interesting and surprisingly complex novel. I'm not sure even how to describe it, but to say it was about a man named Jack whose job it was to nudge history according to the plans of someone. But when Jack cheats, the future gets, well, complicated.

The writing is a delight to read, if you like quirkiness. The plot is, well, not sure what to think. Like Graeme Smith's other book A Comedy of Terrors, it started off light. Then it got very complex in spots but I only noticed the complexity after it got complex so I did get a bit lost.  The characters are not the warm and fuzzy type, but each is interesting in their own way.

I will have to re-read this sometime and honestly, it is good enough to take the time to re-read it.  )

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