19 January 2013

3 Glorious Days!

It's the weekend and a 3-day one at that!!!  Yipee!  I can really use this extra day off to get stuff done and to work on other things.  Having Monday as a postal holiday is a bit of a nuisance, since I will have to get dressed and run into town this morning to mail a package.

So what do I have to do today:
  • mail 2 packages at the post office
  • buy and make cat food (because we had to open the mackerel this morning -- emergency supply)
  • grade geometry quizzes and finish their grades
  • clean up some of the 'stuff' I have left around here so I can vacuum and carpet/clean tomorrow
Well, if I get all that done, I'll be a happy camper.

Of course, the list of "I want to" do is much longer:
  • snuggles kitties
  • read
  • review a couple of books
  • start in earnest on the cross-stitch
  • watch a couple of episodes of Numb3rs
  • take more photos of my cats
  • go shopping for a skirt and blouse
  • etc.
I hope I can get a few of these done -- especially the snuggle part.  But I'm not going to get anything done sitting here -- I need my breakfast, more coffee, and to get moving!


Barbara said...

Your holiday schedule is wearing me out!

L.M. Hornberger said...

Sorry... but such is my life while school is in session.