03 January 2013

Back to the Dark Ages

Today is going to be interesting.  Southern California Edison will be shutting off the power from 8am to 3pm today.  I have no clue as to how wide this black out is or what it is for exactly, but....

It still means:

  • no heat
  • no more coffee
  • no tea
  • no microwave
  • no vacuuming (not a bad thing)
  • no watching DVDs (unless I use my laptop)
  • no... lots of things
See, the moment the power goes out, I will suddenly think of all the things I want to do if the power was on. I can use my laptop for a while -- batteries -- but that is limited.  It's just that I had plans to do a bit of sewing today.

Well, I had better go get the rest of my coffee and make some toast. 

8 minutes until darkness...

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