25 January 2013

First Semester is Over!

Okay, I haven't published anything lately because I've been a bit busy at school.  Today was the end of the semester.  So, for the last 3 days, I've been giving finals and trying to get those finals graded.  And I was doing quite well, until today.  Today was a bit of a train-wreck with a number of student problems, so I didn't get done with all the grading like I had hoped to.

So, here's my must do list for this weekend:
  • finish grading 5th period geometry tests
  • grade ~20 extra credit projects
  • write lessons for next week
  • work of credentialing stuff
I'm hoping I can get most of this done on Saturday, so that on Sunday, I can relax and do cat stuff.  I would like to give Wendy a bath, partially shave Clancy, and clean the carpets in here again.  (About this last point, the previous cleaning did help, but didn't totally remove the odor so now that Anya peed on the floor again, I notice it much more.)

And please note -- I said I haven't 'published' anything lately.  I have a couple of half finished blog posts that I would like to finish and publish.

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