03 January 2013

I Survived!!!

8:12am power out
3:23pm power on

Boy did it get chilling in here!  And boring once my laptop battery died...  But we survived!  I got some excellent warm snuggles from Spencer and Wendy that helped me endure this hardship.

Actually, it wasn't so bad until 3pm when it didn't come on.  I did find things to do -- although I couldn't do a couple of things because I hadn't prepared.  I forgot a pattern I wanted was in the closet and the closet is dark without a light.  Of course, the flashlight was dead.  I got a bit worried about it not coming on tonight.  I love my house, but it has almost no insulation.  And I couldn't figure out what to feel the cats, since I need to grind chicken.

And now, off to a hot cup of cocoa and to grind the chicken...


Cynthia said...

So glad you survived your ordeal, next time shopping stock up on batteries and candles maybe!!concLog

L.M. Hornberger said...

Batteries, yes. The candles I can't do because I have jumping Persians.