04 January 2013

Last Day Of Break

It's Friday -- the last official day of my Christmas Holiday Break.  Saturday and Sunday don't count because I have those off anyway.  So,...

Let's get it out and over with -- wahhhhh!

There... all the whining done.  Actually, I wrote a long and whiny post and just deleted it.  I hate hearing myself whine.  Whining doesn't help -- doesn't solve any problems, but it does help me dwell long and hard on all the negative things.  So,


I did have a lovely morning -- called a friend in Ireland and chatted.  Then got to make cat food.  And I just had to take a photo of my fuzzy bowl cleaners!

Tolstoy (orange), Spencer (fluffy B&W), James (not fluffy B&W), and Dante (brown tabby)

After breakfast, I had a nice chat with another friend, I read some posts, and I snuggled Anya a bit.

Now I need to figure out what, if anything, I should do to relax when I have time.  I don't have a lot of time and it comes here and there.  This limits my options.  I can't do something that takes 30 minutes to get started or to clean up (no painting in oils) or something that requires daily work (no learning partial differential equations).  So, I need something that is quick to stop/start, this can be left for days to weeks, and can be done in here.  (The latter is because of Clarissa, my ever so helpful tortie tot!)

Clarissa, my tortoiseshell Persian

I've got it narrowed down to 4 possibilities:
  1. Quilting --  I do the hand-piecing of quilt tops.  I have a couple started and would like to finish them.
  2. Sewing vests -- They are quick and easy to do with lots of room to embellish them.
  3. Cross-stitching -- If I can find a place to sit and still see well in here, I have some lovely kits to do.
  4. Making cards -- I have bought some stamps and I would like to use them.
Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages, so I need to 'try them on' for a while.  I really am trying not to overthink this!

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