20 January 2013

What's On Today's 'To Do' List

Yesterday wasn't too bad.  I got most of my 'must do' list done, except for grading those <bleep> quizzes.  I don't mind grading quizzes if the students know the material, but it is so depressing when many of the students don't get it and/or don't care.  So, I put them off.  I may actually get my husband to work on them.  And I did several things, like book reviews, snuggles, and watch Numb3rs, that were on my 'want to do' list.  So I did make progress.

Also, Wendy seems much improved over night.  She was hungry and anxious to get fed, unlike last night.  The world is just not right when Wendy, Miss Happy Kitty, isn't feeling good.

The 'bad' part of yesterday is I spent too much time sitting at this computer.  While there is nothing wrong with chatting with friends on Facebook or blogging here, I do tend to do it to the exclusion of all other things.  For example, I was chatting and blogging and 'playing' on the internet, when I realized it was 12:26pm.  The post office closes on Saturday at 1pm and I still had to package things.  I got one ready and made it with 6 minutes to spare.  Had I done what I needed to do first (mail the package), I would not have been as stressed.  I really need to watch the amount of time I spend online.

So, what is on today's 'must do' list?

  • order lysine powder, cosequin, and taurine for the kitties
  • try out the carpet cleaner
  • grade those quizzes and be done with that
While I would like to get a lot more done, I do know that the carpet cleaning will be 'fun'.  I've not used the Bissell steam cleaner so I'll have to figure out how to use it in addition to moving lots of stuff and keeping cats away while the carpet dries.  I do hope the carpet dries quickly -- I know it would in summer at 110F -- but at 40-50F outside, I can't really open the windows.

After this is done, or while I'm taking breaks from the carpet cleaning, I will try to get in some serious kitty snuggles.  Oh the hardship!

Well, better get going and finish my coffee so I can start on the carpet...

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