10 February 2013

3-Day Weekend, Part 1

I know one of the joys of teaching shouldn't be having holidays off, but, honestly, it is.  I have a 3-day weekend this weekend and next.  One for Washington's birthday and the other President's Day.

I had a rough week:

  • Clarissa was sick
  • Meetings with parents 4 out of 5 nights concerning grades
  • Meeting with principal about observation/evaluation
  • New wild student in one class that turned the whole class chaotic
I literally wasn't getting home until 6:30pm or later.  That left 2 hours to eat, feed the cats, figure out lessons for the next day, and get to bed by 8:30-9:00 so I could get up at 4-4:30am.  Needless to say, I rarely got to bed before 10pm, so by Friday, I was totally exhausted.

So, where did I spend Saturday?  Yep, at school, doing grades and working on clearing my teaching credential.  The worst part is I still have tests to grade and credential stuff to do!

The good news is I have 2 days left to do.  But I do have a 'full' schedule already:
  • grade 120 tests
  • finish 2 parts of credential work
  • bath Isabel and Wendy
  • make cat food
  • figure out what I'm teaching (including worksheets) for the coming week
And somewhere in there, I HAVE to snuggle some cats!  But right now, I need to change and take hubby up to Lucerne Valley which will eat up 3-4 hours.... sigh....

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