24 February 2013

Malibu Cat Club Show, Glendale, CA

I spent most of yesterday at a cat show in Glendale, CA, put on by the Malibu Cat Club.  It was a fun day out of the house, although the 2.5 hour drive there and back was not fun.

The show had over 200 cats -- from the naked sphinx cats to the huge Maine Coons.  Of course, I was mainly watching the Persians.  Actually, I wasn't really watching them that close because I spent most of the time taking with my friend, learning more about grooming, and watching her 2 Persians.

Unfortunately, someone charged the camera battery, took the camera, but forgot to put the charged battery INTO the camera first.  I can be such an idiot at times!

But I did see some interesting things.  For example, the silver Persians at the show were very extreme faced. On Isabel, my silver, her nose sticks out a bit.  But on these, the nose was almost in profile with their eyes.  While this extreme face is seen in other colors, I'd not seen this in silvers before.  And honestly, I'm not sure I liked it either.  The cats had a googly-eyed look.

pin brush and 4" greyhound comb
But my main accomplishment was to learn about grooming.  My friend let me groom one of her cats with her genuine greyhound combs.  I have greyhound combs, but not by the original Belgium company.  I thought most of it was just hype, but there was a difference -- a big difference.  And then there was the fluffer brush.

I honestly wished I had taken a notebook.  There's so much to learn...  But it's also very exciting to learn how to groom a Persian to look the best it can look!

I did manage to buy myself a present -- a cat necklace.  I would have purchased some toys or treats, but I was still in sticker shock about the comb and brush.


Cherie Williams said...

Linda lol your in good hands with Lynda and i am sure she will be an excellent mentor=. As for grooming it will become easier the more you do I promise xxx

Anonymous said...

You sound so happy Linda and I am so happy for you too! You brought up an excellent point. Silvers/goldens have evolved over the past 10 but especially last 5 years to a more extreme look. One of my best friends is a top award winning silver/golden breeder and we have fabulous discussions on this subject. I own 4 of her cats including an International CFA best silver kitten winner. The standard now is wanting a straight line from the forehead, nose, to chin. This is what the Judges are looking for. I will have to post some photos for you on my Facebook page. If too extreme, I agree, they do lose that sweet open expression. I could bend your ear all day on cats LOL! Again, so happy for you! Joane

L.M. Hornberger said...

Cherie -- the grooming doesn't directly worry me, because with Lynda's help, I'm sure I can figure it all out. I'm more worried about the time it will take.

L.M. Hornberger said...

Joane -- I strongly prefer the little nose on a silver to these extreme ones I saw. I would love to see more photos of your kitties!

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet Linda and I took a photo today of my kitty that I described in my earlier post for you to see. A more extreme look but still with an open sweet expression. Once they go ultra extreme they lose that sweet appearance and to me, look a little stern. I enjoy the sweet expression too! Joane