29 May 2013

Peaches Gets Out!

We have been letting Peaches out of the bathroom more and more lately.  Well, that's not exactly true -- no one 'lets' her out -- she escapes!  She's fast, she's tiny, she's out of the bathroom before you have a chance to put a foot in the door.

But let's just play along with our delusion -- we've been letting her out.

And she's a hoot!  She runs (not walks) and explores everything -- fast.  The girl has only one real speed and that is much too fast for a Persian.  Throw in her jumping ability, and I'm not sure she is a Persian!  The counter is too easy to jump up to.  She jumps to the top of the cat tree (about 5 ft. high) in 2 bounds and then sits up there for like 5 seconds and off she goes!

Anyway, tonight's laugh was when she ran UNDER Langston and then jumped over in one leap both Spencer and Clancy, all to rush into the bathroom to get her supper.  In the photo at the right, you can see her head is barely to Clancy's shoulder.

And that's another thing -- the girl can eat!  She was a bit underweight when I got her, because she had been cycling, so her eating heartily is a good thing.  And talk about a fiend for dried chicken....

We are doing pretty good with the bonding, though. Once I catch her, she will sit quietly in my lap and purr as I pet her.  Grooming her is so simple -- she doesn't fight at all.  I still need to figure out some routine to keep her eyes and face clean, but the last week of school is hardly the time to start something new.  So for now, she looks like she's grumpy!


Anonymous said...

Peaches is so sweet Linda and a very beautiful girl too! Just what you needed too I think! Can never have enough bundles of joy and love in your home! I love seeing and hearing about her too! ENJOY!Joane

L.M. Hornberger said...

Thanks Joane! She is a hoot and makes me laugh at her antics.