11 June 2013

Palm Springs Cat Show -- June 2013

 For a little relaxation, in early June, I when to the Southwest Region's award show in Palm Springs.  I had hoped there would be more cats -- only 140 entries -- but I had a fun time.  I met some nice people, talked to some old friends, and lusted after a number of cats.

This beautiful black Persian (above and to the left) ended up as Best in Show in 3 out of the 6 rings.  He was stocky, the coat of thick, he was very calm -- oh, and he is 14 years old!   It was hard to believe that he had such a nice coat at such an age -- an age when many Persians are sick and nearing death.  This boy, however, was still siring kittens.
A lovely chinchilla silver Persian

A 25 lb. Maine Coon
Blue-cream pointed Himalayan

Flame-point Himalayan

The judge snuggling a black and white exotic


Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda for sharing your beautiful pictures. I am a cat show Groupie LOL and enjoyed this very much! Joane

L.M. Hornberger said...

Joane, sure wish we lived closer together -- it would be so much fun to go to a show with you.

Anonymous said...

We would have a great time together Linda! I would love that too! Well, you never know in life!