12 July 2014

Day 1 Post FB: General Plan

This is the beginning of the great "No Facebook" experiment and I'm already nervous.  "What if someone messaged me?"  "What if a cat needs help?"  "What if...."  The list goes on, but you know, if I can't get Facebook to work, I shouldn't worry about it.  People can contact me, IF they want to.

And therein lies the question -- what are Facebook friends?  Are they real?  Some of mine surely are but they are also mainly those that will call me.  Are they pseudo-friends?  I would guess that is the bulk of them and they might miss me but won't reach out to me.

Well, the thing is now I have to deal with me and doing stuff, rather than chatting with people.  My big plan for this summer was to:

  • exercise with the hope of losing some weight
  • do some repairs and remodeling around the house
  • get my cats groomed and vetted
  • prepare AP Stat material for the fall
  • read more on feline nutrition
  • sew some vests
I know, that's a lot and it's already mid-July.  I have started on the repairs and the cats, but the rest... maybe now without Facebook I can get more of this done or started at least.

Today's planned activities:
  1. Tom, husband who is dying of COPD, wants to go into town to the bookstore, so I will do everything possible to get him there.  I just hope it doesn't totally wipe him out.
  2. The glorious cleaning of the litter boxes!  Even with fresh litter, a couple of them smell because James (and yes, I will name names) raises his butt up to pee as high as he can.  So then the piss gets all over the sides, drizzles down the seam to outside the boxes, and collects in the ridge that top sits on.  I really wish I knew how to correct this annoying habit of his!  I at least want to get 3 of them washed thoroughly.  (I'd do more, but I'm shooting low because I don't want to kill my back.)
  3. Dig out two books -- one is Weight Lifting for Fat Loss and the other is on the 24-forms of Tai Chi.  (The former I need to review anyway.)  I picked up a 10lb dumbbell and it seemed so heavy, which is one reason I often feel like everything is such a struggle -- I have mass, but no muscles!  And I think going back to the Tai Chi will help me mentally also to be calmer.  So, if I can make a reasonable workout plan using both, I know it will help me a lot now and especially during the school year.
So, if I can get these three done, along with routine things like the dishes and cooking, I will be thrilled.  Fingers crossed!


Jenni Saunders said...

First view of your blog & I like it! Fabtastic background, insightful bletherings.

I've considered having a blog for a while but I always thought it'd eat more time than facebook does! Maybe someday. Anyhoo happy bloggage & natterness & love to all your fabbity kitties!

L.M. Hornberger said...

Thanks, Jenni. Glad you enjoy my random bletherings! I find the blog takes less time overall than Facebook. It's less spontaneous and requires more thought when writing, but it's searchable (which Facebook really isn't) and more therapeutic. The one thing I may miss or not miss is the give-and-take with others. Some of that got very nasty over silly things like covered litter boxes, but random problems also led me to look up a lot of things I wouldn't have read about on my own.