13 July 2014

Day 2 Post(?) Facebook: The Plan

Since yesterday went so well, meaning I got lots done, I'll try for two days in a row.

I'm not sure how it will go, since it's after 7am and hubby is still sleeping.  I want coffee and breakfast, I need to feed the cats and do some dishes, and I need not to disturb him.  I know he says my doing things in the kitchen won't bother him or if it does, he'll go back to sleep, but it bothers me.  I know he gets very tired and needs to sleep so it really upsets me to wake him up just for my coffee.  (I can write this and hopefully he'll wake up a bit by the time I get done.)

I'm now kind of caught between the major things I need to work on and small stuff that really doesn't matter.  I guess the key is to break the big stuff into smaller pieces and do one step at a time.  So, today's top 3 must-do's:

  1. I need to do the dishes, which I was planning on doing last night but we watched a video instead and get the kitchen cleaned up so I can actually cook.
  2. I box up some of the books I have here in the studio so cleaning the carpet is easier.
  3. I need to sand some of the drizzles and ridges that are in the paint in the bathroom so I can paint this week and get it done.  (Someone else painted it and did a bad job of it.)
#2 got moved up the priority list because I just picked up a pad of post-it notes and there was a tiny, baby scorpion on them.  Gulp!  I know we have them around, but it was so tiny that it must have just hatched.  Well, scorpions do not have 1 or 2 babies... more like 100-200 babies... in my house... I'm really not like this scenario...  Thankfully, I think our scorpions are the less dangerous variety, but still... I'm not keen on being stung.  I really don't know what boxing up books will do, come to think of it.  They would be more contained, maybe.  They would be easier to see, maybe.  It's one of those times where I feel I need to do something!

Well, I think I heard Tom move around a bit, so I should get going with my coffee and the cats.

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