13 July 2014

Day 2 Post(?) Facebook: Recap

Another pretty good day, although I didn't get everything done and it ended badly.  Of the 3 things on my 'must-do' list, I did get the dishes done and my studio cleaned.  I did not get to the bathroom painting because the studio was a big mess.  It looks a lot nicer in here and there is more room, but it wasn't easy and I can still do more.

But I got sidetracked by a sick cat.  Robbie is constipated.  When a cat gets constipated, they can leak feces around the dry mass.  And that's what he did.  All over the bathroom.  All over the carpet in the bedroom.  All over the bed.  And then after I gave him Miralax for the constipation, he tried pooping and threw up.  So he go another dose of Miralax.  And since Miralax is an osmotic stool softener (pulls water into the colon), I now have to give him fluids.  I hate sick cats.

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